Essay about How Social Factors Can Influence Diagnosis

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Assignment 1
Part One: Influences on Psychopathology
John Berry of Queens University in Kingston said “although all human societies exhibit commonalities and share basic psychological processes, such underlying commonality are expressed by various groups in vastly different ways, from one time and place to another. Social factors can play a strong influence on all areas of mental disorders. They can influence the diagnosis or classification of mental disorders. They can be a part of the development of the disorders. For researching, social factors can determine what the research looks like, what is researched and how the research dollars are spent. During treatment, social factors would influence the type of treatment the patient might receive.
When studying how social factors can influence diagnosis, there is a focus given to societal norms. If a patient is from Haiti, where the practice of voodoo is quite common it could lead to certain circumstances that characteristics in their religious practice, such as the belief in taking possession of people and sacrifices of animals. These types of behavior for people outside of that community, in Canada, for example, would be considered abnormal behavior. However, for Haitians that practice Voodoo they are not. Social factors could also change or alter a diagnosis in the case of bullying. It has been shown that a person who was bullied in their youth is susceptible to develop…

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