How Social Constructionism Impact Our View Of Disability Essay

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1. How does social constructionism impact our view of disability in general and, more specifically, kids with disabilities?
Social constructs are themes based on experiences. It is through our social constructs that we often develop the mindset in which we believe that disabilities prevent individuals from being successful, no matter their skill level or ability. After watching an individual with disabilities fail a few times in a row, we start believing the notion that all kids with disabilities really can’t do it. Because of this, we sometimes stop giving these students a chance to prove themselves, and we put a “cap” on what we think they are capable of. We need to give all of our students a fair opportunity, regardless of what we think they can achieve. By keeping an open mind, we will be able to keep our social constructs out of the way and help students achieve great things, no matter their disability.

2. Describe and compare the developmental or bottom-up approach and the top-down approach to program delivery in physical education.
The bottom-up approach allows the achievement of lower-level skills to support the performance of the skills at subsequent levels. In this approach, students must master specific rules and systems before they can move on to bigger, more difficult things. For example, when doing a unit on basketball, students need to be able to walk up and down the court before they can run that same path. To continue, they need to master the skill of…

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