How Social Constructionism Has Predetermined How Your Parent 's Choices

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My kids will have no blood related aunts or uncles. These are a few of the ways that social constructionism has predetermined how my parent’s choices will continue to affect generations down the line.
As previously illustrated in my genogram, there has been some tension within my family. Before my dad met my mom, he had a child with another woman. I knew of his existence from a young age, but I did not fully grasp the reality of the situation until I was a bit older. Coming to terms with the reality of my half brother was difficult for me. I was so accustomed to being an only child and I never considered anyone else suddenly appearing in the picture. It was only after I heard my brother’s story that I realized the importance of a father figure. The reason that he was never a part of my life until recently is because he was incarcerated. For nine years, he was shut away from the public eye and I had no clue. I am almost 100% certain that his trouble with the law had to do with the fact that his father was never actively involved in his life. My brother planned on visiting my house once he was released, and the thought of it made me uneasy. I did not hesitate to adopt stereotypes: criminals are dangerous and have no place in society. They should have no chance for redemption. To my surprise, he was a complete gentleman. Not only was he well mannered, but also he actively sought to create a better life for himself. I admired his drive and watched him secure a job and attend…

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