How Snowball Is The Literate Pig Essay

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The next speech also presents manipulation but this time it is through the repetition device. Snowball is the literate pig that delivers this speech after Old Major’s death. Snowball devotes himself to freeing the animals of human control. He cleverly uses repetition of his moto or slogan, “four legs good, two legs bad”, in order to create rebellious attitudes and thoughts in the animals’ heads (Orwell 31). O’Neill verifies the power and usefulness of slogans by claiming, “slogans may seem casual, but in fact they are carefully engineered with a clear purpose: to trigger a specific response” (349). Since this motto is stuck in the animals’ heads, they repeat Snowball’s motto several times during the speech and afterwards. O’Neill writes, “repetition is a reliable tool…repetition works” (349). Snowball is a great speaker which enables him to lead the animals to a successful rebellion against human control. After the rebellion, Napoleon exiles Snowball from Animal Farm in order to become the new communist ruler. Therefore, Orwell symbolically names Snowball because after his exile all the problems that occur on Animal Farm are continually blamed on him. Essentially, a theoretical snowball of lies is created and got bigger every day. Napoleon, the new communist leader, is the culprit of this theoretical snowball and escapes his problems by using Snowball as the excuse.
Orwell shows how leaders can be deceiving. He does so by giving only his characters that are leaders the…

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