How Smartphones Are Affecting People 's Health Essay examples

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This will be an examination of how smartphones are affecting people’s health in most developed countries as they have become the dominant form of communication. In more developed countries, people are not only becoming heavily dependent on smartphones, but are also becoming an addiction among adolescents and is becoming a “consequent impact on their health” according to an Academic Journal from the International Journal of Preventative Medicine. This can be shown true from a “representative sample of 404 undergraduate students from a public university”, in this survey one in five people rated themselves as totally dependent on their phone and about half agreed that they were overly dependent. This sample was taken from a peer-reviewed Academic College Student Journal that is known for publishing “original investigations and theoretical papers”. Smartphones do, however, have many medical applications that help patients and doctors keep, share, and analyze information according to the Academic Journal of Mental Health Counseling as well as help doctors communicate with their patients and allowing patients to diagnose medical problems themselves according to FSG Communications Ltd. which can be proved credible as they are publishing partners with many well-trusted companies such as BD Biosciences and ExxonMobil. Smartphones have many medical applications that help patients and doctors communicate information, give convenience to recording information, and give patients access…

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