Essay about How Sm Jaleel Went Global

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SM jaleel Company in trinidad diversification of its products


Ministry of Trade and Industry
Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Developed by: The Food & Beverage Industry Team
Report Preparation: Arnold Babwah

May, 2005

The conceptual framework for this document is the result of a partnership approach between public sector agencies and the private sector. It attempts, within the context of the 2020 VISION for national development, to outline what must be done – given the current national, regional, and global situation - and seeks to make the most of the strengths and opportunities of the Food and Beverage Processing Industry while minimising the weaknesses and
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The goal of the committee is to spearhead the development of targeted industries in the non-petroleum sector. One of the industries targeted for development is the Food and Beverage Industry. An Industry team comprising key stakeholders in the public and private sector was established and given the mandate to prepare a Strategic Plan for the development of the Industry.

The Plan takes cognisance of the need for the country to improve its level of Nutrition and Food Security. The Plan focuses on processed food and beverage products which include processed meat and fish, ice cream, baked products, snack foods, confectionaries, milk products, processed fruits and vegetables, packaged / convenience foods and alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

Globally, the Food and Beverage Industry is notable for its dynamism, competitiveness, widely diverse product ranges and the need to maintain the very highest standards of food quality and safety. Over time the international Food and Beverage Industry has come to consider and accept many conventions as Best Practices. These are in the areas of : • • • • • • Continuous Product Development Food Safety Enforcement Continuous Process Development and Technology Adaptation,

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