Essay about How Should We Live A Good Life?

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How should we live, in order to "live a good life"? For someone such as Albert Camus, author of The Myth of Sisyphus, living a good life would involve living freely. Camus believed strongly that we as humans should not hope for anything. Nothing is guaranteed to us; we could literally drop dead at any moment. Camus believed everyone should live in the moment. His essays suggest we should accept whatever our actions result in, no matter how bad it is; as long as we find happiness in the present, we would be considered to be living a good life. It is easy to see why Camus would think this way, as he wrote this book while he was living in France during World War Two. Camus also wrote his essay based on how he lived his life, as he was known to live in the moment despite the fact he had tuberculosis. Camus also did not place any value in religion, as he stated, “[...] we conclude that there is no relationship between the opinion one has about life and the act one commits[...]” (7-8). Again, Camus is trying to emphasize that it is acceptable to live in the present. However, Camus is missing some points in his argument. First, living in the moment is not practical. Second, living freely can have significant consequences. For example, if I went to casino with every dollar I had because I felt like it, I could lose all my money and have nothing for the future. Finally, living freely and in the moment can lead an individual to missing out on many great opportunities in life.…

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