Essay about How Sexuality Changes All Throughout Our Life

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Sexuality changes all throughout our lifetime, from when we are born to our older adulthood. In young adulthood, it’s usually just fun and games, especially around your teenage years. Remembering my young adulthood, there would be casual hookups here and there, nothing serious, never any type of settling with someone or commitment. What young girl wanted a broken heart at such a young age or what young boy wanted to commit to a girl or anything? However, when the river starts calming down, people start testing out the water to see what they find attractive and what they find horrifying. People start to explore different areas in their life instead of playing the world. When a person believes they caught the perfect fish, they soon start to attach. Once attached, the choices that they make within the relationship can have a long-lasting impact on their lives. In this relationship, there are promises, fairytale dreams, the feeling of love, and unforgettable memories. But a part of this happy-go-lucky relationship, there’s always a storm which may or may not end this fairytale relationship. Once this fairytale story is over, there’s loss of hope for love. There are several tasks that challenge young adults as they develop their sexuality (i.e., establishing sexual orientation, integrating love and sex, forging intimacy and making commitments, making fertility/childbearing decisions, practicing safer sex to protect against STIs, and enhancing a sexual philosophy).…

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