How Set Design And Costume Of All About My Mother Essay

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The analysis of how set design and costume in All About My Mother

All About My Mother is one of the most famous films from the director Pedro Almodóvar and this film premiered on April 8, 1999 in Spain. Its unique film perspective, abundant colour applications and distinctive characters all help it won a great number of awards especially the Oscar for Best Foreign language Film and the Canners prize for Best Director. Meanwhile, All About My Mother could also be considered as a successful realistic feminist film, Almodóvar seen the feminine psychology as the main elements in the shot and used abundant setting design and costume to build a rich inner world for the female characters. The setting and costume often shown in higher saturation colours such as red, blue, yellow and green, which help to complement the fiery plots very well and this also, become one of the symbols of his film language (Geiger and Rutsky, 2005, p 874). In this film, Almodóvar broke through the traditional way but used a unique view to present the choices of emotions, destiny and desire from the female characters, as well as praise every mother who has a strong will and vitality through this film. This essay is going to use some specific examples to analyze how set design and costume to create better figure images as well as how they manipulate the reading of movie characters.

As we know, setting and costume are two key aspects of the film mise-en-scene, which both have a significant influence on…

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