How Self Efficient The Little Boy Essay

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I was surprised at how self–efficient the little boy was; as he did not at all act like a typical child, but a young adult. However, at the same time, I thought how someone could willingly attempt to undermine this little boy’s confidence. My first impression of the little boy’s parents was that they were not involved in their child’s life; at least not in the same way of a typical parent, that we would consider being within the norm of society. The parents sacrificed everyday expenditures such as medical and first aid assistance in order to provide their son with the necessary luxurious means of everyday life; such as clothes and shoes.

These necessities; such as the shoes at the beginning of the video, are too big and do not fit their child. From this scene, one could only assume that the parents did not seem to know the shoe size of their own child. This is a prime example of a socio-economic factor and assumption of the participants, as many immigrant parents will often buy larger clothes and shoes in order for their children to eventually grow into them. I believe this is done, so their children have clothes and shoes to wear for the next couple of years; until the next time, the parents are able to earn enough money to go out and buy a whole new set of clothing and shoes.

Although, I did think it was strange that the parents of the little boy did not get up in the morning to make the breakfast or transport their child themselves to make sure he securely…

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