Essay on How Self Determination And Self Actualization

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In this summary, two articles will be summarize in detail about self determination and self actualization. The first article demonstrates the self determination theory and the basic psychological needs. The second article I found , talks about self determination and motivation to exercise. Both articles use the terms Competence, Relatedness, and Autonomy. These terms will be discussed in detail in this paper. I will also be discussing the three types of autonomous behaviors which are intrinsically motivated, extrinsically motivated, and emotion -motivated behaviors. At the end of this summary, we will ask ourselves how our knowledge of self determination and self actualization will play a part in the future. For example, how we will use our knowledge to teach others, to manage future employees, or most importantly how to motivate ourselves.
Self-Determination and Self-Actualization Self -Determination is a trait within a person that allows them to make decisions or choices involving their interests and preferences. Self-Actualization is ones desire to reach their full potential in any desired goal. In the article, "Self-Determination Theory and Actualization of Human Potential", the author talks about the Self-Determination Theory and how its purpose is to give people the power to better themselves and to climb higher levels. According to Deci, Ryan, & Guay (2013), "SDT uses an organismic meta-theory, and assumes that people are inherently inclined to be proactive and…

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