How Selection Process Can Be Improved Using A Structured Interview

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The journal describes how selection process can be improved using a structured interview, and also asses the many way an interview can be structured. In addition, it’s important to mention the article have evaluated the structure or the standardization of interview and divided them into two particular categories; first through what influence the subject matter of the of a particular interview, and second by the process of evaluation of the information received within a given interview. The authors found fifteen structured types of interviews, which they were all gauged against their validity, reliability and the reaction by the users (interviewer and candidate in this case).
Job Analysis which describes the origin of the interview of the questions stems from the examination of the job’s tasks, duties and requirements to be met in order to deem an employee as a successful candidate for the position. Usually job experts such as managers of the job in question are who to create questions, as they have accumulated the experience and well aware of the position prerequisite. Other structures of interviews rely to some point on job analysis, information is required regarding the position in order to provide a foundation in order to form a valid structure of interview. Asking the same question to each of the candidate can be a standardization of a specific interview process, but yet there are levels to it, first is to rigidly as the same question to each candidates, which provide…

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