How Schools Should Be Run For The Betterment Of Succeeding Generations

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Education “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” said Martin Luther King, Jr. But is intensive and critical thinking the true goal of education? There seems to be a hidden agenda that schools have to socialize students to prepare them for life as an adult. Education is a key factor in society for preparing children for the future. More learning happens in school than learning what is only on the curriculum. Education leads to progression and advancement. It is the key role in developing the minds of the next generation.
As it may seem like there is only one way and theory of viewing learning, but there are many different perspective on how schools should be run for the betterment of succeeding generations. In the bureaucratic model, education is accomplished by efficiently placing students--at similar stages of their ability and development--in large number together. “Schooling came to be seen as work or the preparation for work; schools were pictured as factories, educators as industrial managers, and students as the raw materials to be inducted into the production process. The ideology of the character of education was shaped after the image of industrial production” -- Cohen and Lazerson(1972:47). This way, a teacher can develop one lesson plan for a large number of students. It is more about efficiency Materials can be bought in great size and testing…

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