How School Is Done? Essay

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All over the world people are noticing the different ways their children are learning and how we as parents, future teachers, community members and citizens of this world are working on making the children have bright futures and get to learn the basics of academic education. Robinson was right, “Many of the problems in raising achievement in schools are rooted in how school is done because we do not try to get new ways of teaching we try to think the students are the problem and not the teachers but what the educational system wants the students and teacher to teach. “If your shoes hurt, you don’t polish them or blame your feet; you take the shoes off and wear different ones. If the system doesn’t work, don’t blame the people in it. Work with them to change it so that it does work. The people who are best placed to make the change are those who, in the right conditions, can have the most impact on the quality of learning: the teachers.” (Robinson, 2015) Teachers of today should be critical of how to act what to say and when to said it because we are in an era where you must be politically correct but also support your students with their needs. Critical teachers do not give up when they get an obstacle but they work it out and figure how to solve the problem. Our educational system has made many different people that have great ideas of how to fix our education system but they cannot get it to work because of the lack of funding, support and credibility that their idea…

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