Desegregation Unravel Hancock: Chapter Analysis

How School Desegregation Unraveled Lynnell Hancock discusses the town of Greenville, Mississippi; where in 1966 was named one of the cities where desegregation would strive the most. Greenville was a diverse community; desegregation was happening slowly but parents were dissatisfied failing a lawsuit in federal court. The federal judge requested a new plan in 1969 and changes started to occur, both good and bad. Many of the white parents were unhappy and started to send their children to private schools, parochial schools, and boarding schools. The author wonders what would happen if the lawsuit didn’t occur and Greenville would not be one of the poorest school districts today. Also, that parents got in the way of the success of desegregation …show more content…
They are giving Gary Johnson a hard time for not knowing where Aleppo is. Lester Holt is criticized about hostile questions towards Trump about his tax returns, Iraq War, and more in the first Presidential Debate; however, Clinton was not asked about her emails or the Clinton Foundation. The author questions Holt’s partisan to the Republican party. Hillary Clinton believes that the financial crisis of 2008-09 was because the tax slashed on the wealthy, but does not want to talk about the financial crisis in the US. In the vice-president debate, Pence didn’t defend Trump but criticized the Obama-Clinton agenda. Recently other magazines have features detailing with Hillary intimidating Gennifer Flowers to silence the accusations. The New York Times published Trumps 1995 tax returns, showing a $916 million operating loss and that is enough to wipe out his tax liabilities for two decades. The author believes that Trump has the right to not publish his current tax returns and the only people who broke the code was whoever violates Trumps privacy. Ted Cruz in the Republican Convention said “vote their conscience,” however, it endorses Trump staying he concluded that with “prayer and consideration.” Trump changes his mind about supporting Clinton and will talk about Corrupt Vote, which the author believes will “poison the process for weeks, and months, to come.” Russians are destroying everything, but in one week they killed a thousand people; with 300 being children. Kerry the secretary of state has suspended diplomatic contact with Russia and the author questions if the US should act in Syria. Former Christie aide and appointee to the New York Port Authority are on trial for the Bridgegate. Christie stated that she was not aware of the closing, but the author thinks that Christie should work hard for Trump election if she needs a pardon. The Supreme

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