How Scheduling Conflicts Caused By The Gap Between Generational Differences And Language And Cultural Issues

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1. Challenges:
a. adults
i. Scheduling conflicts due to work, taking care of family, and etc. ii. Feelings of shame for needing the counseling could hinder his or her progress. iii. Building rapport with an adult client could be difficult if the counselor is younger than the client which could make the counselor seem like she does not know what she is doing. iv. Possible generation differences between the clients and/or counselor, i.e. slang words, comfortability with lifestyle choices, and etc.
v. An adult might have issues giving up control and allowing the counselor to be the authority and/or allowing the counselor to take control.
b. Elderly:
i. Possible issues can be the wider gap between generational differences including language and cultural issues. ii. It could be difficult to know what other factors our affecting the clients lives because of their age. iii. Comfortability with sharing during sessions because they could feeling shames of needed help. iv. Also, willingness to give up their power and allowing the counselor to take control which could be due to the client being used to having control.
v. Dealing with ailments that could be caused by age (i.e. hearing loss).
c. Persons with disability:
i. Scheduling conflicts due to school, sports, and/or doctor appointments. ii. Special considerations to ensure that persons with disabilities is able to effectively understand what is being discussed and is able to respond depending on its severity. iii. Mobility…

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