Essay about How Sarah Wu 's Fed Up With Lunch

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This essay will describe how Sarah Wu’s book, Fed up with Lunch, discusses the horrendous problem outcomes found inside of a lunch system in a large Elementary School in
Chicago that may include the true time that is given to eat the lunch, the unexpected nutrition found inside of every dish given, as well as the truth of keeping all the nutritional facts away from the public.
Looking at the statuses of each school around the nation, it can clearly be stated that each school is different, however looking towards the fact that some schools lie on the same district, county, or even city can state the point that those schools have a significantly common method of running their institutions, and this one school could be the most significantly different from all the rest. Referring to just talking about issues from one school is highly surprising, however its problems aren’t surprising, but rather miserly not because it involves lunch, but because it involves lots of Elementary students. On a regular basis, the average normal amount of time that a school should give students during lunchtime could vary from 30 to a full period of 45 minutes to enjoy a full meal as well as to consider it as a study break to socialize with fellow classmates, in this case nothing was possible because in the book, the author stated all about how she has seen it with her own eyes, the way that her students only have 20 minutes of lunch which included the time that they all had to wait in line for it,…

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