How Safe Is Safe Case Study Essay

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How Safe is Safe Case Study

1. As a company, would you describe PPI as having an identifiable philosophy of moral values? How do its policies contribute to this philosophy?
In some ways PPI’s moral values can be considered distinguished. The reason I say this is because as we know, all for profit organizations are obviously out to make money and many will cut corners or sacrifice their future for quick gains. PPI could have very well kept their facility up to code just enough to comply with the law, but instead they are going above and beyond their own narrow self interest to insure the safety of their facility and provide a great working environment for their employees. This organization has obviously instilled some good moral
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The attorneys are not necessarily wrong for this because their only doing their jobs, if they see potential risk, its only right they inform their client of that risk and the consequences that can follow. While I do believe PPI has a moral obligation to provide a safe working environment and are doing a great job at fulfilling that obligation, I also think they should be smarter about how they go about doing it. It’s one thing to have morals and be conscious of what’s right and making difficult decision to do the right thing, but doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily mean giving up what’s vital to yourself (in this case the organization’s future). PPI needs to figure out a way to not expose their organization to too much risk, while continuing to improve the facility. I do believe all the outside involvement with the auditors can hurt them later if they are not more conservative about the information they share with outside parties. I admire PPI’s willingness to make the improvements that it does yearly to insure the safety of it’s employees, but I have to agree with the attorneys’ argument to a certain extent, that in the event of a lawsuit, “any previous issues could be used as evidence of a historical pattern and knowledge of unsafe conditions” (Northouse, 2009). I think the conflict between PPI and the attorneys could easily be resolved if PPI would

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