How Roosevelt Influenced America. Essay

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How Roosevelt Influenced America “What’s are we going to do now?”, “I’m Scared”, “Is this the start of a war?”. These are some things that many American people must have been thinking after they heard of the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Luckily President Roosevelt knew exactly how to calm the people and prepare them for war. Roosevelt, like many other war time leaders, expressed his ideas through a well thought out and influential speech. His Day of Infamy speech is remembered as what brought America into WWII. His use of pathos and repetition were essential to convince the American people that war was necessary. Nearly sixty years later President Bush gave his 9/11 Address to the Nation speech. Both of these influential speeches were given after a devastating attack and are meant to encourage the American people to keep fighting. I am going to discuss the techniques used and how the two speeches differ from each other. After WWI, Americans felt like their involvement was a mistake and decided that they should never enter a war again. Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Americas involvement in the European war was very minimal and Roosevelt intended to keep it that way. In order to remain neutral and uninvolved, Congress created the Neutrality Acts in 1930 (Richard, 42). The Neutrality Acts banned the sale and loan of weapons to other countries involved in war. This law worked at first, but was short lived. Congress soon amended the law and…

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