How Romanticism Ruined Love Analysis

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Love has been an essential natural emotion since the beginning of time. Many people have different ways to express this feeling to their significant other, others not so much. But ever since the mid-1700s, love has been expressed using one specific ideology, known as Romanticism, and has taken over most if not all of the modern society. This particular belief is perfectly broken down into its fundamentals in a YouTube video called, “How Romanticism Ruined Love,” by the channel “School of Life”. The speaker of the video starts by explaining the essentials of Romanticism by acknowledging that even though no couple has followed the template precisely, the main goal, in the end, is marriage. While most of the romanticism is focused on marriage, the speaker also says that sex, true acceptance, and “…the end to …show more content…
He starts pointing out the many myths that many people believe about how they should live their lives with their significant other. But in the end, he states that “we need to piece together a post-romantic theory of couples because in order to make a relationship last we have to be disloyal to the romantic emotions that get us into it in the first place” (Lines 60-62). In other words, use love as a skill, and not as an emotion. And here is where I disagree completely. As much as it will help live out emotionally successful lives, love, in the end, is all but an emotion. It will be hard for some people to understand and go through this “post-romantic theory.” From my personal experience, there were many people that I thought would have been the perfect partner for someone, however, they just did not feel the emotional connection to me whatsoever. I care a great deal about this topic because love has been a huge part of my life. I have thought this way about Romanticism before, and from my experience, it doesn’t work because the emotion always gets in the

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