How Robotics Has Enhanced Our Lives Essay example

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Research Question: What allows a robot to complete a task and how do we use robots in the contemporary world?
Rationale: Robotics has a lot of significance, both to me and to the general public. This topic is important to me because, Robotics is used in everyday life, whether people recognize it or not. For this reason, I believe it to be a crucial thing for everyone to have at least a mild understanding of. We can find examples of principles used in robotics almost anywhere we go. For example, if you have ever used a Smartphone before, then you have come into contact with an amazing machine that exists largely due to robotics. I think it is truly amazing how much robotics has enhanced our lives and; therefore, think that it is practically a necessity to learn about this vast topic. In the world, robotics has assisted in the process of increasing efficiency in many places. For example, robots are used by automobile manufacturers to make a fast car as safe as possible. This, in turn, helps many businesses maximize profits. When even the most basic of robotics principles are implemented, we can make the world a more efficient place.

Research Classification: The research of this topic can be referred to as applied research. It is applied research because it relates directly to the real and modern world. Applied research is also about solving problems and robotics is always about solving one problem, “How can we make life easier for us?” It is primarily…

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