How Revolutionary Was The Revolutionary War? Essay

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How Revolutionary was the Revolutionary War? A revolution is a forcible overthrow of government or social order in favor of a new system. It also means radical change. Throughout many centuries, we see many revolutions that completely changed the world as we know it. For instance, take a look at the French and Russian Revolutions. In both of these, the lower class rose up against the rich and elite. A true characterization of the meaning behind the term "revolution". A true social revolution has to destroy the original foundation of structure in that society and transfer the power to new and improved social groups. The American Revolution was so radical because of the fact that it didn 't involve a regime change, but rather the creation of a whole new country and its adoption to democracy. It also changed the lives significantly of women. Also another way the American Revolutionary war was so revolutionary was the impact it ad on Native Americans. So many facets of our world were uprooted and forever transformed. To call them revolutionary is an understatement.

The Revolutionary War created many changes in the lives of the American people. Specifically, it created lasting changes for the limitations and rights of women. Women may have the longest revolution on record. In the 1800 's, Prior to the American Revolution even began, many women were boycotting British goods. While their husbands were off at war the women had to take on roles of what the man would be doing if…

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