Essay on How Restrictive Speech Codes Should Be Abandoned

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All students, especially those in college, should be aware that the world does not work in their favor. In recent discussion in American Universities today, a controversial issue has been raised as to whether trigger warnings, defined as any statement of any source which creates tension within one’s self, must be provided by the Professors to ensure that material presented does not offend or upset ant student in class. College individuals should know by now that not everything will go as they would like them to go. As Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff said in the article The Coddling of the American Mind, “You can never achieve happiness by making the world conform to your desires” (52). If an individual expects others to make actions that will please them, they will never be satisfied. There is no need for “sugar-coating” anything. In The Coddling of the American Mind, the authors focus their point on how “restrictive speech codes should be abandoned” (52). Universities really must teach their students about freedom of speech. In this world, students, or anyone in general, will not stop to think about what they are about to say. People always say things without thinking about the consequences. Most people just say what is on their mind because no one even pays attention to what they are saying. Everyone is so caught up on their own thoughts. Recently, there is more attention to what is being said. There has not been much freedom of speech. Everyone now “must think twice…

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