How Remy 's Abandonment Issues Originate From Her Father 's Neglect

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Remy’s abandonment issues originate from her father’s abandonment. Remy’s father left her mother before Remy was born and died two years later. He never took the opportunity to see Remy, let alone be a father to her. She knew her father was letting her down and had no interest to be a part of her life. Remy knows that her father choose not to be a part of her life, and that is why she says, “[Writing the song] was an ultimate out, [it only admitted] to the world that he’d only disappoint me…” (163). She feels disappointed and un-special because her father never wanted to have a relationship with her. So, she feels that people find her un-special and will eventually leave her.
In a similar way to her father, Remy’s mother plays a role in Remy’s abandonment issues. She feels abandoned because Remy must become the mother figure for her family since she believes her mother will not handle everyday tasks. Remy is given more responsibilities than an typical teenager: “It is just expected that I will handle it, whatever it is, because I am my mother’s business manager, therapist, handyman, and now, wedding coordinator” (5). By giving Remy all the responsibilities, it causes her to look down on her mother for not taking over the correct responsibilities as a parent and abandoning Remy with all the responsibilities.
Another reason why Remy feels abandoned Even though Remy has all the responsibilities, her mother chooses her husband’s over her own daughter. Remy notices…

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