How Religious Judaism And Judaism Essay

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How do Reform Judaism and Orthodox Judaism compare regarding homosexuality? Reform Judaism has embraced and are very supportive of same-sex marriage equality. Orthodox Judaism is the opposite and are against homosexuality and see it as a sin. Although the two religions were based upon the same beliefs they have very different views on this particular topic. Orthodox Judaism is more outdated and still practice their old-fashioned ways. Reform Judaism is very modernized and accepting of modern American lifestyles. Though they share several similarities such as their text and some practices, they have a lot of differences too. Reform Judaism originated in Seesen, Germany, with the first temple opening more than 2 centuries ago. In the 80’s Jews were comfortable interacting with friends who were not their religion. Reform communities looked to find shared ideas and interests as their friends and neighbors. They introduced new ideas and expanded the ideas bringing in new events. Some examples of the new events included naming ceremonies for girls, rituals involving adoption and new healing blessings. As the changed view of families came about the reform synagogues opened their doors to “nontraditional” families including LGBT Jews and single parents. They replaced old music with new music that everyone was able to sing. Today, over a third of American Jewish people are part of the Reform movement. Reform Judaism is in a “paradoxical state.” The walls that kept people from…

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