How Religion Views Homosexuality Essay

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How Religion Views Homosexuality

According to an article by Benjamin Radford with Discovery News, “Two-percent of Americans identify as gay.” You may be thinking that this percentage is much lower than you had expected. The gay community may be a minority; however, gay rights are a human rights issue. Whether there are four million gay Americans or only four, the Constitution applies to everyone. But why are homosexual Americans fighting for rights? This is because religion is prejudice against homosexuality. (Radford, 2011)
The bible is at the center of all of the questions concerning homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and gay rights. Religious practitioners look to it for the answers pertaining to these issues. There are several
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These Laws were to be taken as one law, being all or nothing. In light of this information, even those who have never performed a single homosexual act are not in compliance with the rules. (Pearson, 2011)
One argument the religious community makes is that homosexuals are choosing to be gay, and that God would not create someone as a homosexual if it is not part of his plan. Though I do believe it is possible that some homosexuals are choosing to be gay for attention, however I also believe that not all are. Take, for instance, my friend Jennifer Neurburger. She was raised in a devout Catholic family, who teaches that homosexuality is a sin and marriage is a spiritual gift meant only for a man and a woman. Yet, about five years ago, she realized that she is a lesbian. She now faces the possibility of being disowned by her family and therefore, has never come out to her parents. Watching Jen struggle to keep her secret and seeing the impact it has made on her, I know that no one would simply choose to be something they are not and run the risk of causing themselves so much suffering and humiliation. Being a homosexual minority in a heterosexual majority society is not easy. People are very rude and hurtful, so I do not understand why or believe that anyone would choose this reality. Even if some choose this path just for attention, not all

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