How Religion Is More Than Just A Nametag Essay

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The “Yacoubian Building” revolves around the lives of tenants who face misfortune after misfortune. The film examines the worst of Egypt. The decline of Egypt mirrors that of the tenants, ending up in a storm of hate, drunkenness and subjugation. The tenants’ problems seem to revolve around the misuse of religion. The film warns Egyptians, how religion is more than just a nametag and how misguided and corruptible people are without it. A major issue in Egyptian society is the representation and lack of respect for women. The “Yacoubian Building” reflects on the stories of women, both poor and rich, and how they have subjugated to disrespect and sexual harassment. Workers are forced to acknowledge that harassment is inevitable and another part of the job description. This creates issues within the women themselves. Women have to forego self-respect, dignity and purity, in order to get work. Bothayna, a working-class woman, faces harassment at every workplace and quits her job after each incident. Bothayna is adamant that she will not subjected to the sexual pleasures of men. However, after finding a job with her friend she realizes that the only way to avoid harassment is to avoid working altogether. This forces women to question whether the money is worth the sacrifice. However, other women, specifically prostitutes, have money as their goal and that self-respect is nothing too great to let go of. The film doesn’t paint a pretty picture as this has been a pressing issue…

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