How Religion Creates A Lot Of Distrust Between Two Separate Entities

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Religion creates a lot of distrust between two separate entities but love always develops between two humans. During the time of religions being established all over the world. The belief to remain intact with one religion was sacred. It was forbidden to marry another person of another belief. Creating fear amongst the society to even develop a friendship with the nearby nations. Among this time, the most unforbidden love has amended two families of different kinds.
In the ancient city of Israel, the king sent out gifts to every orphanage in the city to announce his welcoming of his long desired son. He held a grand ceremony to allow the city to witness the christening of his son, named Seth. The father was crying of joy as he couldn’t believe the existence of his son, he longed for a son and cried and made endless amount of prayers to Jesus Christ. As a miracle his wife did end up giving birth to his one precious son. The town was joyous of the arrival of their new prince. The held a grand party to allow everyone to shower their blessing amongst the baby prince. Five years have passed and the baby boy, grew into a very handsome toddler. He was a bright young boy who was fast and brave. Was not afraid of little things nor big, always dreamt to become a strong young man just like his father. His father was extremely proud, although the father could not seem to dismiss the unexplained fear he always had for his son.
One day as the little boy was playing with a group of…

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