How Reliable A Picture Of The Economic Structure Of Any One Celtic Society?

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How reliable a picture of the economic structure of any one Celtic society can we gain from the ancient sources?
In terms of economy, the Trinovantes (had a wide range of different industries as well as benefitting from close trading links with Rome. Archaeological artefacts discovered within the Trinovantes tribal territory can be used as reliable sources to help establish a picture of the economic structure of this Celtic society.
Ptolemy states in his Geography (2.3) that ‘… further to the east by the Thames estuary are the Trinovantes in whose territory is the town of Camulodunum’, which shows that in Roman times the land inhabited by the Trinovantes stretched from their capitol, Camulodunum, to the mouth of the Thames. The bordering tribes of the Iceni, Cantiaci and Catuvellauni shared many of the same customs and religious practices as their Trinovantian neighbours, and are believed to be part of a large society controlled by the Catuvellauni, despite the mention of the Trinovantes (or Trinobantes, as Caesar called them) as “almost the most powerful state of those parts”. Like other tribes in this area of Britain, the Trinovantes are thought to have been influenced by the Belgae, settlers that arrived from Northern France “and having waged war, continued there and began to cultivate the lands” (Caesar, Commentarii de Bello Gallico 5.12). The impact of the Belgae is further indicated archaeologically by the presence of Gallo-Belgic coins and pottery in areas of the…

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