How Recycling Is Negatively Affecting Our Grate World Essay

1162 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
Recycling is something everyone has heard of, but does anyone really know what it means to recycle. By definition, to recycle means to convert waste into reusable material. It is said that recycling can help the environment by using less virgin materials to make new things. It is said the recycling can help reduce the amount of pollution and help preserve the Earth. This can also save the nation thousands and help keep the earth heathy. Recycling is taught to us as early as elementary school. I can remember having a class discussion about pollution and the many different kinds there are. We were taught how pollution is negatively affecting our grate world we live in and that if we recycle our things and reuse what we already have we can help preserve the earth. It was and still is taught in children’s television shows. They would tell them how pollution is this big bad dangerous thing and then tells us how we can fix it and become more involved with recycling and help out around the world. They even goes as far as teaching the kids the different ways they can help out by showing them how to separate different materials like paper, plastic, and glass into their own bins and taking them to the nearest recycling plant or how they can reuse them themselves. You see we have grown up just thinking it was the right thing to but did any one stop to think why it was the right thing to do. Or what benefits it actually has for the Earth. I am pro recycling because I believe it is a…

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