How Rebellion Is Necessary For The Growth Of Society Essay

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Rebellion is necessary for the growth of society. This is presented by the author and tragic poet Sophocles in his works, through brave characters that are going to be capable of challenging the government and the divine authority. For example, the work of Oedipus the King presents a strong man willing to do everything when it comes to his people, justice and truth. Also, the work of Antigone features a woman with character, capable of confronting the man and any authority which prevents her from justice. Similarly, in the adaptation of “La pasión según Antígona Pérez” is a woman with a sense of equality and justice that it is prepared to face the consequences of her actions, with her life. Each of these works shows the confrontation between the ideological force that is represented by Oedipus and Antigone and the law of the government that is represented by Creon. However, both were defending partial values that were the family and the perception of his people; they were also assuming too strict behaviors that would lead them to their own destiny. In the same way, it will be felt as the presence of the dead conditions the actions of the living. Giving way to completely opposite things and at the same time similar things, where one character flees from his destiny, while the other will face it and both will have the courage to pay with the most sacred thing that they have. Next, it presents each story and the confrontation of the main characters against the law and the…

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