Essay How Realism Is The Establishment Of The United Nations

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How Realism Explains the Establishment of the United Nations

The theory of realism looks at international organizations in one way; it asserts that international organizations are mainly created to cater to particular states ' interests. Therefore, the UN was established based on particular states ' interests (Mearsheimer, 1995). Furthermore, power, in the realism theory, begins with achieving the goal of state survival (defensive realism) and ends with global hegemons (offensive realism) because the world is anarchic (Mearsheimer, 2001). As a result, realists believe that states are out to maintain power (defensive realism), increase power (offensive realism), or demonstrate power (offensive realism) (Geeraerts, 1996). After World War II, the six great powers understood that wars could not achieve their goals because of the high costs incurred during the war; they therefore established the UN to achieve their goals.
Consequently, the first offensive realism explanation as to the establishment of the UN is that the six great powers wanted to obtain more power and achieve more of their objectives with fewer costs.
Supporters of these reasoning present two key lines of evidence: The first is that the UN has created official multi-polarity, giving multiple countries a veto right under its rules. The second is that the UN decreases the cost of wars for each great power by sharing costs among UN members. For instance, the US spent less in exercising its military power against…

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