How Rath Has An Emotionally Traumatic Past Essay

700 Words Sep 13th, 2016 3 Pages
Rath has an incredibly traumatic past. It is hard to imagine how she could come away from it and still be the amazing woman she is today. I was astonished of her new path that she has taken. If I were to put myself in that situation, I feel like I would not be able to be as accomplished as Rath in creating a new beneficial life for myself or my family. Her experience its terrifying and unimaginable for a young women like me who has never had to worry about this type of situation. What was new to me was, how Rath along with her friends had to repay the "boss", I never thought about how the men would expect the women to pay them back even though they had bought them for their own business. Another situation that surprised me was, how the men would give the women "happy drugs". This shocked me as even though this drug is not true happiness, to me it may be seen to the women as a get away drug for a small amount of time as it gives there body a numbing feeling to the harshness of their reality. The last thing that stood out to me was how they said that women were "missing". To me this shows me how many deaths are taken place without a thought in mind of the families of the women, or how there is no care about these souls to let others know that they have passed. All these events came to me as a bit of shock, they opened my eyes to the harsh reality of sex trafficking in these rule areas.
The chapter that I felt most passionate about was chapter two, Prohibition and Prostitution.…

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