How Rapper Childish Gambino More Commonly Known As Donald Glover New Tv Show

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There have been countless television shows that focus on black people and black cultural issues; for instance Family Matters and Fresh Prince of Bel Air more recently Everybody hates Chris and Black-ish. Although each show focuses on black families and certain cultural issues and stereotypes, there is always the underlying presence/influence of white culture whether it be the fact that the show was produced by a white person or a white character. This essay will analyze how rapper childish Gambino more commonly known as Donald Glover new tv show Atlanta addresses common black cultural issues and stereotypes head-on without any influence of white culture. More specifically this essay will use the first episode: “Streets on Lock” which first aired September 6th 2016.

There are numerous cultural issues/stereotype that are brought up in the episode “Streets on Lock” however, the first and maybe most prominent is violence within the black community specifically gun violence within the community. Almost immediately viewers are exposed to gun violence. In the very first scene Earn finds himself in the middle of a confrontation between his rapper cousin Paper Boi and another black male. The confrontation ultimately ends with Paper Boi shooting the other man, the screen then goes black and the title of the show appears. Although this opening scene is very powerful and eye catching it serves a far greater purpose when it comes to the issue and stereotype of gun violence in the…

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