How Radical Islam Has Become The Number One Focus Of U.s. Intelligence, Military, And Foreign Policy

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Radical Islam has become the number one focus of U.S. intelligence, military, and foreign policy in the years since 9/11. Its growth from political Islam to terrorism has been marked by numerous scholars and their contemporaries ranging from Qutb to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. There are many driving forces behind radical Islam, but one of the most important yet confusing is the concept of Jihad, which is used by all groups. Qutb describes the main goal of Islamic jihadism by writing, in his book “Cornerstones”, “This movement uses the methods of preaching and persuasion for reforming ideas and beliefs; and it uses physical power and jihaad for abolishing the organizations and authorities of the Jahili system which prevents people from reforming their ideas and beliefs but forces them to obey their erroneous ways…” (Qutb, 10). However, though the justification often roots itself in similar philosophy every terrorist group puts their own spin on how they approach carrying out Jihad. ISIS is among the newest of these groups, and as such I will compare it two different types of terrorist groups to ISIS in order to understand where on the spectrum this group fall, and what aspects of the different types ISIS may use. ISIS as it has existed from 2014 onwards is like Both Hamas/Hizballah and Al-Qaeda in its actions, but more like Hamas and Hizballah in its territorial goals, and more like Al-Qaeda in its scope and range. However, if I were to make a definitive statement it would…

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