How Racism Affects African Americans Essay

1160 Words Nov 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Despite the fact of slavery abolished in the year 1963, non-black Americans are still continuing to perceive the idea of “The Black Slave” today. Simply, they believe that African Americans are in the lowest class and more black people in the prison than college, therefore parents never stop teaching their children about the blacks’ negation. At some point, people are actually accelerating this kind of false belief into the violent such as verbal abuse, non-black Americans are intentionally color-coding African Americans as “black, thug and drug lord” in the public. Let’s take a closer look at this wrongdoing, anybody notices racism causes a serious physical harm to African Americans? In the poetry “Citizen”, Rankine uses technical writing strategy, medical terminology, repetition of physical symptoms and image to explain how racism harms African Americans’ life in the physical perspectives. In short, racism is possible to damage human body, it especially impairs African Americans’ bodies such as stress, headache, pain, fragile, tenuous, and injury. In the “Citizen” chapter one, Rankine introduces the existence of medical strategy- John Henryism, in which it helps people to deal with stresses from racism. Her example: “Sitting there staring at the closed garage door you are reminded that a friend once told you there exists the medical term—John Henryism—for people exposed to stresses stemming from racism” (Rankine 11). She attempts to make readers understand that racism…

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