How Racial And Gender Identity Impacted The Leadership Development Of African American Women

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This chapter reviewed literature in support of the current study on how racial and gender identity impacted the leadership development of African American women in leadership. The literature review revealed challenges and obstacles faced by African American women who had advanced their careers into that of a leadership capacity. Much of the literature on leadership development of women and minorities often ignores the distinct connection of the experiences felt by these women. A lack of research resulted in a lack of scholarly inquiry on the leadership development of African American women as they emerged into leadership positions. One step in understanding African American women’s moving into a leadership position was to understand their lived experiences.
In recent years, the amount of literature available on women in leadership has increased; however, few studies delve into the leadership development of African American women. Much of the literature has been limited to the differences between male and female characteristics and traits that are normally associated with leadership (Loden, 1985; Helgesen, 1990; Cantor & Bernay, 1992). Moreover, minority women are entering the workforce at an increasing rate but continue to lack the power and access to leadership positions at the executive level. In spite of having a college degree and work experience, this segment of the population continues to be passed over for promotions and are paid lower salaries than their counterparts…

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