How Race And Gender Plays A Big Role On Society Essay

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Race and gender plays a big role on society. Society’s expectations cause problems for many individuals. I am the stereotypical male that doesn’t have to deal with problems in race and gender that many other people have to. Betsy Lucal’s and Devon Carbado’s pieces help show the problems with gender in society today. Peggy Mcintosh and Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayers pieces talk about the role that race plays in our daily lives. Using readings by scholarly writers I will be showing how I take race and gender for granted every day. Betsy Lucal’s article titled “What it Means to be Gendered Me”, is about herself talking about how the gendered system had consequences on herself. Lucal is a female who has been called “sir” and her use of public bathrooms regularly causes reactions from other people. She has to deal with the consequences of gender for people who do not follow the “rules”. She argues that there is no social place for whom is neither male or female. She also argues that we automatically place each individual into one of the two exclusive gender groups. Lucal brings up a great point and says that people who follow the norms of gender take their gender for granted. I definitely take mine for granted. I am a stereotypical male and I don’t have any problems that Lucal endures. Lucal has the trouble of people looking at her as the opposite gender. When using her credit card, clerks look at her name on the back and are worried that the card was stolen. Little…

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