How Public Health Nursing Affects A Variety Of People Essay

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Public health nursing can affect a variety of people. There are many different jobs a public health nurse can do. A school nurse is one option. There are many schools in the nation and each school is different in its own classification of specialties. Some schools are classified as to the level of class, financial ability, uniqueness, diversity, or the amount of quality of education students receive. Many parents open and enroll their children at certain schools they want their child to go to because of the quality of the school. When choosing a school of one’s choice, no matter what school a child attends, there is always going to be a diverse variety of health problems in the district.
Sparta Area School District is located on the Mid-western side of Wisconsin. The city’s population consists of 9,667 people as of 2014 (US Census Bureau, 2015). The amount of people who are under the age 18 consists of 24.9% (US Census Bureau, 2015). One fourth of the population consists of students in Sparta, WI. Sparta, WI is very diverse consisting of: 92.2% of people are white, 1.5% are black, 0.6% are Indian, 0.5% are Asian, and 6.8% are Hispanic (US Census Bureau, 2015). Sparta Area School district alone has an 87.7% graduation rate (US Census Bureau, 2015). Twenty three percent of people have smoking habits, which is higher than Wisconsin’s percentage of 18% (US Census Bureau, 2015). Alcohol and drugs are also a huge problem in Sparta. Obesity (a BMI of 30 or more)…

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