Essay on How Psychology Can Be Very Important For Human Beings

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Psychology can be very interesting to learn about. In psychology, there are many topics that are covered. Going along with the numerous amounts of topics, I selected the five topics in which I felt were the most important. The impact that sleeps has on an individual, developmental psychology, social development, stress, and personality all had an influence on my outlook on life.
Sleeping is very important for human beings. College students need nine hours of sleep a night, however are only receiving six. Without the proper sleeping patterns, sleeping disorders can take place. Insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, night terrors, along with sleepwalking is all possible disorders that can occur to an individual. Sleeping disorders influenced my thinking because if I do not receive enough hours, my attitude towards life can become negative, my reaction time will be slowed down, along with the difficulty of learning and attending. As I grow older, I appreciate every minute of sleep I receive.
Developmental psychology opened my eyes on the stages in which a human being goes through. This can be an interesting process because conception can produce a fetus later throughout the process, allowing for the body system to mature. While pregnant, it’s important to remember just how teratogens can affect your fetus in the first twelve weeks, along with not drinking alcohol during one’s pregnancy due to fetal alcohol syndrome that could take place.
Social development showed me the different…

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