Essay on How Psychology Affects Our Individual 's Perception

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Psychology can be interpreted in several ways depending on an individual 's perception. It contains many ideas which fall under major theories, and are important towards one 's comprehension of Psychology. Concepts such as: “Rewards and Punishments” within the Behavioural perspective, “Early Childhood Experiences” within the Psychoanalytic perspective, and “Future Expectations” within the Cognitive perspective, are significant to understanding myself and my behaviour. These are the main aspects that have contributed towards my growth and shaped me to who I am today.

I believe that the “choices” presented to me will always bear “Rewards and Punishments” which affects the option I choose; these “choices” in turn, will have an effect towards my behaviour. I will often weight the pros and cons, and lean towards the option that is the most beneficial. However, if this option is unfair to others, or that it may be of harm, I have to consider the other option and just face the consequences it carries. Although, there are times where the “punishment” is too extreme, and I have to put myself first over how it may affect others. I am faced with these choices throughout my life and had me wonder at times where I would have been if I had gone with the other choice. I once had the choice of staying to an environment that seemed like home, but had blinded me from the rest of the world, or leave it all behind and start anew from scratch.

Our younger years are when we are most…

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