How Professional Sports Affect Cities Economically, Culturally And Comparatively Between Sports

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II. Introduction

Organized sport has been a societal stimulant for thousands of years. Everything from the first Olympiad to the organized recreational sports of present day have brought people together in larger numbers than most other social events. In the world today, sports represent one of the largest businesses spanning globally. One of the major aspects that my group has come to realize is the impact professional sport teams have on the cities they are located in. However, what exactly is the impact that they have? Our report will entail an in depth analysis into how professional sports affect cities economically, culturally and comparatively between sports. Seeing as the sports industry is global we have chosen to do a specific case study on Washington DC since they have recently acquired two professional teams in the Washington Nationals and Washington Wizards. Isolating a single area with newer franchises will allow us the opportunity to compare the before and after of the city and actually understand how the sports teams have changed the local area.

III. Nationals Economics

Stadium Statistics
Before jumping right into the analysis on the monetary effects some background on what the Nationals stadium entails would best set up the study. Nationals Park is a “41,000-seat baseball stadium built for the Washington Nationals [that] features a design that emphasizes steel, glass, and concrete instead of the retro redbrick appearance of various recent ballparks…

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