Essay on How Print Advertising Is Effective

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How Print Advertising is Effective in Persuading People to Buy Products: Persuasion, by definition, is an attempt to influence a person 's actions or beliefs. Advertisers use the method of persuasion to make patrons buy their product without the conscious knowledge that they are being influenced. Some people would say that advertisements are not persuasive and that they just highlight the product people are interested in buying. They claim that when they do buy it, the purchase is a conscious choice. This is a false statement, because if advertisements were not persuasive, fast food restaurants would not need to enhance their food so much in advertisements. Instead, people would somehow want it just as much, even if it was a gross looking hamburger on a billboard instead of that glossy, perfect one. Advertisements are effective at persuading people to buy products because they influence social groups such as teenagers to buy products with the use of Bandwagon, Celebrity
Spokesperson, and Sex Appeal. Firstly, advertisements heavily rely on the weight of bandwagon approaches to persuade teenagers into buying their products. Teenagers are a group of very easily influenced people, and so bandwagon is very effective on them. Bandwagon is a persuasive technique that tells a group of target that everyone else is using this product, so they should be too. Since teenagers are so focused on fitting in and having friends, this method…

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