How Praxis Is An Essential Substructure Of The Nursing Foundation

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Framework for Praxis Praxis is an essential substructure of the nursing foundation. Chinn and Kramer (2011) deem praxis to be both an individual and interactive process that requires continuous speculation and action. This paper will give an overview of praxis as well as provide the role of the advanced practice nurse (APN), explore ideological, theoretical, and ethical influences contributing to the framework of practice, and discuss the utilization of the framework while providing a visual representation of the framework for praxis.
Overview of Praxis According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary (2014), praxis is defined as “the practical application of a theory,” or “the practice of an art, science, or skill.” Praxis ensures constant interaction with reflection and action in order to transform the world (Chinn & Kramer, 2011). At the individual level, individuals distinguish barriers that limit their own abilities, reflect on them, and take action to change the circumstances. Collectively, praxis requires cooperative reflection and action with other members within the discipline in order to produce change. Praxis is considered to be an important contribution in the nursing discipline. Praxis is vital in nursing because it influences how relationships are structured with patients and families in the work environment (Kilpatrick, 2008). Nurses can achieve the goal of transforming health care by acting on their intuitions (Chinn & Kramer, 2011). Praxis assists…

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