How Power Should Be Used A Country Or Society? Essay

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Research Paper #2 American politics, a wide array of differing opinions, making the very mention of its name controversial at best, and relationship-ruining at worst. In this day and age, with such a wash of information, it can be difficult to distinguish truth from fiction in regards to each parties’ views and points of interest. Each has stances that are intrinsic to them, and all of them have their flaws. This paper will discuss the most prominent of the parties, their candidates, and the overall strengths and weaknesses.

A political party is an organization of people who share the same views about how power should be used a country or society. America was a pioneer of politics at the time it was founded, and created a party system not previously seen before and hasn’t been surpassed since. There are two main parties in America; the Democratic party and the Republican one, along with outliers like the various independent parties. Sometime between 1872 and 1936 the Republican party and the Democratic made the slow transition of adopting each others opinions; essentially switching sides. (Rauchway)

The Republican is the most prominent party in the more Southern states, and in the more rural areas. It boasts such candidates as Donald Trump, Jeb Bush. and Rand Paul. These candidates have made their stances quite clear to anyone with an ear to the ground; Trump being most famous for his plan to create a giant wall between Mexico and America. Jeb Bush, continuing the Bush…

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