How Poverty Is Determined, If Nations Create Their Own Poverty And How Social And Global Stratification Can Effect

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Nations of Poverty
In this paper I will be examining how poverty is determined, if nations create their own poverty and how social and global stratification can effect poverty. Poverty has been a part of society since societies were created. So what is poverty and how is it defined?
What is Poverty?
Poverty can be defined as the state of being destitute. Simply speaking, this means that a person or group of people are living below a national standard of living. The range of people who are considered to be destitute are poorer than the Poverty Line. The Poverty Line is determined by the government by calculating a low cost food budget and multiplying it by the number 3. Anyone who makes less than the poverty line number are classified as poor while those above it are considered to be not poor (Henslin, 2015). This number that has been created is still thought to be too low by some and that this determination system needs to be updated and changed in America. Nevertheless, not every country goes by this way of classifying poverty; thus, while poverty is defined in a manner of number crunching for America, poverty determined is in other ways for the undeveloped nations of the world, making true poverty harder to define.
Poverty around the World
Global stratification has categorized the nations of the world into three categories: Most Industrialized, Industrializing and Least Industrialized (Henslin, 2015). The most industrialized countries have commodities such as clean running…

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