How Positive Caregiver Patient Relationships Using The Mutual Participation Model ( Apollo )

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The purpose of this study was to determine specific aspects of positive caregiver-patient relationships using the mutual-participation model (Apollo, Golub, Wainberg & Indyk, 2006).The results were collected through seven focus groups made up of HIV positive patients. Through analyzing patient self-reports and verbatim recordings of the focus groups, positive caregiver-patient relationships proved to help individuals manage their illness. Three aspects of positive caregiver-patient relationships were identified including: dynamics of provider-to-patient communication (b) dynamics of patient-to-provider communication and (c) dynamics of collaboration (Apollo, Golub, Wainberg & Indyk, 2006). The study revealed that a professional relationship built upon mutual participation, respect and understanding allowed patients’ physical and emotional well-being to improve.
The stratified sample included 42 HIV positive patients residing at the Jack Martin Fund Clinic in East Harlem, New York City. There were 24 males and 18 females within the sample size, ages ranging from 25 to 61. Of the participants, 41% identified as African American and 49% identified as Latino. Individuals were recruited by a volunteer basis in the clinic’s waiting room. Patients were given $15.00 transportation vouchers as incentive to participate in the study. This compensation proved to be helpful in gathering a sample, however the sample was still relatively small which may have negatively affected…

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