How Politics Shaped the Constitution Essay examples

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How politics shaped the Constitution?

Since the beginning of the colonial period, historians can easily see various political characteristics that became influential in the development of America. The original thirteen colonies acquired enough experience with self-governing and this led to the formation of autonomous states. At a failing attempt to unify, the Articles of Confederation were created for the young nation. Still, soon enough they proved to be useless for the states. As a result, the most promising politicians, lawyers and elite, gathered at the Philadelphia Convention to “reform” the Articles of Confederation. Yet, at the end, they convince themselves with the idea that for the well being of the people they had to
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Furthermore, the states and their interest shaped the constitution through a series of compromises and agreements. In the mid 1800’s a war was about to be unleashed upon the nation and it placed at risk the unity of the country. This war between the South and the North led to mayor political decisions that amended the constitution. In 1868, the 13th amendment was passed giving the freedom the slaves in the South. The political interests of both sides were clear with regards to this new amendment. The South depended on slavery, yet they had to give in the politics of the North. This led to amendment 14th and 15th to be passed adding rights o previous slaves. One can see how the politics of both parties shaped the law of the land Lastly, the constantly evolving society has shaped the constitution of the United States. On March 31, 1776 Abigail Adams wrote to her husband a very powerful letter with respect to women rights. His response was typical of his time,
"We have only the name of masters, and rather than give up this, which would completely subject us to the despotism of the petticoat, I hope General Washington and all our brave heroes would fight." More than a century later, the women in our society simply evolved and understood that women have certain rights that need to be attended and represented

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