How Politics Has Changed Over The Years Essay

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The dynamic of how politics is presented has been changing over the years. In A Cultural Approach to the Study of Mediated Citizenship, Jeffery P. Jones explains that news is presented by three central but flawed assumptions and he later proposes four ways that news media could use as an advantage to the older dated approaches. The three assumptions include: the news is the primary and ‘proper’ source of political communication, supplying citizens with information is the most important, and finally, political engagement must necessarily be associated with physical activity.
When Jones says media is a primary and proper source of news media he means political media is only accepted when it is presented seriously, by doing that they eliminate political satire, music and other news mediums as news. Consequently, supplying citizens with information could be a good thing, however, by eliminating non-proper sources of news it is flawed. The main reason is because political satire is labeled as “fake news,” which is a false equivalency; while the goal of political satire is to make people laugh it could also be an introduction to political news for some audiences. Finally, political engagement must be associated with physical activity means is that people aren’t always engaged with news unless they are physically doing something to benefit it.
The following paper will use Jones’s article and the four proposed approaches that he believes would benefit the current portrayal of…

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