How Political Advertisements Is The President Of The United States

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The opinion of a leader is often taken into consideration when making choices, people follow the commands of a person with power. The president of the United States is an influential and powerful person. Obama is the current president of the U.S.; his opinion is greatly considered in debates that potentially make a significant impact throughout the nation. Obama can speak his mind towards a person and the people that support him will most likely inclined to believe every word of what he says.
On June 9, 2016 Hillary 's campaigned published the advertisement titled, "President Barack Obama endorses Clinton for president." Throughout the video Obama appears to be sitting on a chair in a room that contains a sofa and a lamp, behind the furniture there 's a white wall. Throughout the speech, he maintains a confident tone and an optimistic attitude. Obama congratulates Clinton for being the presumptive democratic nominee for President of the U.S. He mentions that Clinton is a qualified candidate for office and describes her as courageous, compassionate and the heart to get the job done. Obama promotes the strong bond between the Democratic party and Clinton, he strongly believes that Clinton is suitable to be the president of the U.S.
Hillary Clinton advertisement uses a tactic featuring an important and powerful person to endorse her. Many votes will accept Obama 's perspective in regards to Clinton 's being able to be a fit for office. Many…

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